April 26, 2016

Transfer Pricing Solutions – Australia reveals a new Benchmarking website

Benchmarking analysis requires access to third party databases to perform searches. For most companies, accounting and law firms, the licencing of these databases are cost prohibitive. Or if they can afford to licence the software, being such a complex area of tax, many companies and firms don’t specialise in how to use the database effectively. This is where TPS new benchmarking website can assist.

With Transfer Pricing Benchmarking, you are now able to team up with us and be as involved in the process as you like in putting together a benchmarking analysis tailored to the particular circumstances.

Transfer Pricing Benchmarking’s team provides advice that you can rely upon. Incorrect decisions at the benchmarking stage can have a huge impact, both financially and legally. The Tax Authorities around the world have focused on transfer pricing for the past 12 months and will continue to do so in the foreseeable future due to the enforcement of BEPS and country by country reporting. Therefore, you need to ensure your benchmarking analyses are defendable.