Chèrie Lehman
Zurich, Switzerland
T: +6598359890
E: [email protected]

Career History

Cherie’s transfer pricing career began with Arthur Andersen in Australia, and after attaining her Chartered Accountancy in 1996, she transferred first to the firm’s Dublin office, and later to the New York office. After several years with KPMG’s transfer pricing team in New York, Cherie decided to leave consulting to view transfer pricing from an in-house perspective. In 2010, after leading the transfer pricing teams of several large multinationals in the U.S. and Switzerland, Cherie founded Transfer Pricing Services based in Zurich, Switzerland. The firm provides transfer pricing expertise to a portfolio of local and international companies and professional service organisations.


  • Transfer Pricing



Social Information

Roeschibachstrasse 22, 8037

[email protected]