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Transferpricing Ltd. operates in Hungary since 2008 providing services in the following fields: preparation, evaluation, naturalization of transfer pricing documentations, developing pricing, as well as other services related to transfer pricing. Our goal is to remain a reliable and purposeful participant of the transfer pricing market through focusing our operations predominantly on transfer pricing, uniquely in Hungary, and concentrating exclusively on this field as our main circle of activity. Furthermore we are also determined to retain our dominant position with the help of our fast, accurate services, and our efficient team who is ready and willing to fight for results. Our team consists of highly trained, experienced professionals, who apart from working for the Tax Authority, have acquired many years of practice at the largest international audit firms in transfer pricing area.


Languages Spoken

English, German, French


  • Transfer Pricing
  • Business Restructuring
  • Dispute Resolution

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1015 Budapest Hattyú str. 14.

Phone: +36 1 450 1111
Email: [email protected]