The Altus Network assists clients with valuation services for tax and financial reporting purposes.

The Altus Network specializes in valuation of businesses and intellectual property, transfer pricing related valuation and valuation for accounting purposes. For tax purposes valuations are required for various purposes, including intercompany transfers of an entity from one parent to another, intercompany transfers of intangibles (such as trademarks, customer lists or patents) or valuation of contingent assets or liabilities. Valuation for financial reporting are required mainly for purchase price allocations and annual impairments.

The Altus Network provides valuation reports taking into account global valuation standards including IFRS, US GAAP, OECD, IVSC and local regulations. Recently various countries such as Germany and Denmark have introduced specific valuation guidelines which needs to be applied. Thanks to our international network we are able to offer valuation reports with comply with international as well as local valuation standards and trends.


The Altus Network has experience in a wide variety of valuation projects, including, among others:

  • Valuation of group company portfolios;
  • Trademark valuation studies in a large variety of industries;
  • Valuation of customer lists/customer relations in the context of business restructuring;
  • Financial impact analyses/financial modelling in relation to regional/global design and corporate restructuring;
  • Valuation of intangible property transferred to a related party and subject to ‘commensurate with income’ standard
  • Annual impairment testing;
  • Valuation of covenants not to compete;
  • Inventory valuation;
  • Valuation of distress companies; and
  • Application of a hybrid Black-Scholes model to value a contingent claim.